April 2024 Meeting Report

We had a great turnout for our annual election — lots of members, some new people, and fun magic, too. Our officers for 2024/2025 are:

  • President: Tank Hanna
  • Vice-President: David Boehm
  • Treasurer: Doug Northway
  • Secretary: Jay Jennings
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Dennis Vance

Congratulations to all!

After the election we settled down to do some magic, with David Boehm leading off showing us Turn (Peter Pellikaan), a packet trick where the card fronts and backs kept changing. It sparked a discussion by members Chris Rose and Graham Rogers who suggested feedback to make the handling of the effect better when performing for a larger group. Outgoing President Robert Ray followed with some sleight of hand switching a $1 bill to $2.

One of the two visitors to the meeting, Andy, performed Mental Die which caused another discussion to break out with ideas for dice effects flying from all over. (The Secretary made a note that maybe Dice Night might be a good theme…)

Club Treasurer Doug Northway performed Dani DaOrtiz’s Chaotic Oil and Water, but changed his presentation to “Salad Cards,” with his helpers throwing in some romaine, kale, spinach, and more. The second visitor to the club, Mystic Marlo, performed his straight jacket escape, and then Jeff Peterson closed out the performing time with some mind reading using a Sherlock Holmes Book Test (Zandman).

The meeting ended with a mystery — club member John Thornton showed a “mystery box” with a picture of a devil on it and a sliding panel with the word NUTS on one side of it. He’d hoped someone would know what the trick was, but we all left mystified. Nuts is right!

(Photos courtesy Stuart Friedman)