June 2024 Meeting Report

The second June meeting of the Phoenix Magic Club (combined SAM 248 and IBM 55) had the theme of Square or Circle Magic, to be interpreted however each performer felt.

Date: June 18, 2024

Attendees Who Performed:

• Bruce Kundin
• Bill Halmi
• Tank Hanna
• David Boehm
• Doug Northway
• Ed Mukai
• Dennis Vance

Bruce Kundin kicked off the meeting with some fun packet tricks:

1. “To Become a Magician”: A self-working packet trick where the entire audience participated, each using their own packet of cards. The climax involved everyone successfully choosing their own card and thus “becoming magicians.”

2. “7 Card Intuition”: In this trick, a spectator found the standout card among a packet after multiple free choices and mixes.

3. “Forecast”: A triple prediction trick where, despite the spectator shuffling and mixing the deck, Bruce’s predictions matched the final outcomes.

Bruce added a fun element to his performance with a stylish ball cap that read, “I do E.S.P for you.”

Bill Halmi performed a themed version of “Letter Perfect.” Using an ‘Alpha’ deck, he spelled out “Square” to align with the night’s theme. After several random additions, mixes, and eliminations, the remaining six cards spelled “Circle.”

President Tank Hanna amazed the audience with two classic coin tricks:

1. “Coin Thru Hand”: A silver half dollar was pushed through the back of the hand and appeared in the palm.

2. A Coin Vanish: A version of Bobo’s coin vanish that created the illusion of the coin being soft and bendy, leading to a complete vanish at the fingertips.

Vice President David Boehm performed “Matrix”, providing a historical context about the original matrix coin effect and executing it flawlessly with four Walking Liberty coins.

Treasurer Doug Northway presented two tricks:

1. “Crystal Ball”: Using jumbo cards, a hidden selection was revealed through the use of a crystal ball. Doug even had Tank use the crystal ball to determine a card chosen by Dave, showcasing handmade cards that impressed everyone.

2. “Cracker Box”: Doug humorously demonstrated how he magically hid his favorite cookies from his family. He showed an empty cracker box, only to produce Oreos from it later, though he didn’t have enough to share with everyone.

Ed Mukai shared a touching story about a recently passed family member and performed “Fate / Deja Vu” — Four spectators chose random seats and sealed poker chips. Predictions matched each participant’s choice of color and seating position, delivering a powerful double revelation.

Sgt-At-Arms Dennis Vance, our favorite clown, performed a classic “Rope Thru Block” trick. He enlisted three adult volunteers but performed the trick with the same enthusiasm and excitement as he would for kids, making it a fun and nostalgic experience.

David Boehm returned for an encore performance with “Double Back.” In a smooth card transposition trick, two fives placed in a spectator’s hand turned into kings, while Dave’s kings became fives, leaving the audience in awe.


The second June meeting of the Phoenix Magic Club (SAM/IBM) was a night filled with impressive performances, great stories, and engaging tricks. Each performer brought their unique style and skill, making it a memorable evening for all attendees.

(Photos and notes courtesy of Tank Hanna.)