November 2023 Meeting Report

Our theme for the November meeting was “perform using a book or magazine.” (For half the points, any effect you read in a book or magazine, or for zero points, any other effect that you like.)

President Robert Ray started out with the Hoy Book Test and it drilled home to me that reading about an effect and watching it performed can be amazingly different. Treasurer Doug Northway showed a “card story” he called Bluesville, and Hyper Color from Bizzaro. And Secretary Jay Jennings showed Slate-of-Mind: The Ultimate Book Test.

Bruce Kundin used the Keno 162 force not as a prediction, but as a way to get a “random” page and word from a book — great change from how it’s often used. He also performed Chad Long’s Spineless, so got double the points for doing two book-related routines. Brad Beaubien showed his copy of Magic Digest that he got when he was a kid and talked about what made it special to him, then performed The Jumping Knot from the book, one of his first tricks. 

From the November issue of Genii, Stuart Friedman performed The Nightmare Card Trick from Robert Ramirez and explained afterwards how it could be re-named “The Card Trick for All Holidays and Special Occasions” — because changing the picture or information on the “smart card” that identifies the selected playing card completely changes the theme.

David Boehm performed a fun routine that was a grown-up version of Stephen Bargatze’s I Hate Kids — Robert could have walked away with $100 if only he’d chosen correctly! Gary Lazok performed Aldo Colombini’s book test and then the Little Bunny card trick. Robert Bengel showed his Impromptu Lie Detector card effect. Craig Brooks showed a neat effect where he found the card without touching the deck. And Brad Zinn talked about the (very rich) history of magic in the Phoenix area and then taught a card move from the late Danny Dew.

There was lots of magic for the last regular meeting of the year. Next month, banquet time!