June 2023 Meeting Report

We’re playing “Musical Dates” with our assembly meetings for another couple months until they settle down, but even with that we had a good group show up.

Chris Rose performed a variation of Chicago Opener, and then gave us a quick tutorial on how to toss a card on the floor without it flipping over. Yes, it’s an uncommon move, but now we know what to do if we ever need to!

Dave Boehm performed Rosini’s Double Reverse, where two chosen cards end up being (you guessed it) reversed in the deck.

Rick Wilson showed a card effect without a name. He said it was just another “pick a card, find a card“ trick, but it was a good effect even without a name.

Tank Hanna, our Vice President, showed a variation of Marlo’s Cutting the Aces and also talked about a series of shows he’ll be doing soon in a small theatre in Scottsdale. (More magic in town is always a good thing!)

Bruce Kundin performed a few feats of mentalism, including Richard Osterlind’s Hands Off, and an effect about the Late Over Zealous Psychic Sam (an effect I can find ZERO about online, but I have a picture of Bruce performing it, so I know I didn’t dream it).

Club Treasurer Doug Northway performed Vega’s Invisible Soul, and then Envylope 2.0 where a signed card ends up inside an envelope as the deck vanishes. The performance turned into a fun mini-brainstorm session on ways to make the “magic moment” look even better.

The brainstorming continued when I (Secretary Jay Jennings) asked for ideas on improving an effect I call Faces of Nature, which was performed at an earlier meeting. I got some great ideas on tweaking the method and the presentation.

Our club has folks who love performing, folks who love creating, and folks who love both, and do them very well, so our meetings are always worth attending. We’d love you to stop by if you find yourself in the Phoenix area.